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As many of you guys probably know, I have an irrational love of big, clunky, German names.

Hottest girl names

So, then, what are your favorite overtly German names? Would you use any? Do you think it matters to have German ancestry? Anything else? So many questions! I love German names, and I hope this list nicole rose nudes act as inspiration for someone!

German names: girls

Oh, I love Olga! More like Olya than Ol-ga. Wilhelmina, of course, but really just so I can use Mina, I adore Mina. Gottlieb: Something to do name God? Liselotte is up sexy, and I thought about doing Hannelore but decided against it. Ilse and Wilhelmina are my favorites on your list. I have a reasonable amount of German heritage I snapchat boys exposed am so many things, but the three that make up the greatest german of my blood are Mexican, Greek, and German. I also studied German for 6 years in high school and college, so I feel a strong enough connection to the culture to justify using a Send me a number dirty name.

I am not an Olga fan. However, when you get angry in those languages, you sound drunk. Germans sound absolutely terrifying when angry. No one ever messed with my namesake; my great-grandmother, a German immigrant with a dirty leaked snapchats of a mean streak.


Anyway, wow. I have no attention span today. As I was saying, I love the language. Once you know all the sounds in German, you know how to spell everything, because everything is spelled phonetically. But real kik females English, it sounds stuffy and ugly.

~ names with an australian bias of democratic temper

There are a few that are usable here, though, Augusta, for one. I like the German pronounciation better, of course, but I think the English one is still as pretty and dignified as ever. If only there were some bdsm toybox of Kimmargaret name, now. A friend of mine is damn near fluent and the way he says Gertrude is stunning, really.

It is much more pretty in its native tongue. Since you are clearly a German name expert, I was wondering if you could clear something up for me! I read the other day about an author cute boys snapchat names has a daughter named Lotte, which I just love. However, in my head I subs seeking doms it like Lottie. Is this right? Please let me know if you have any idea! Additionally, I love clunky German names, but really just clunky Eastern European names in general!

Ingrid, for example, is in my top ten and on the move upwards! Would love to meet a little girl with such a name.

Emma, not an expert by any means, but thanks. Thanks for stopping by! Oh, Gertrude and Olga. So refreshing to see them name some love. It makes me so upset when I mention them and every midriff fetish person wrinkles their nose, just because of phonetic fashion.

I absolutely love these stompy barefoot power German names, both in English and German a LOTbut — I had a class about 20th century Germany last semester with a professor from Germany, and I would just go google-eyed whenever he would say these names in his beautiful accent — Albert, Helmut, Wilhelm, Georg, Ulrich…. I am in love with these names of yours: Ulrika, Olga, Gertrude. I like all of the others. Verona says her middle name like you do, and everyone who knows it finds it more or less intuitive. My sisters are named Hilda and Olga, which sound a lot better in Spanish than in English.

How nude snapchatters I german cultural crossovers like that. I did Katja and Liesl in my Catherine and Elizabeth nude sending snapchats, actually. Anneliese-this is nice, but getting a bit trendy for me. Augusta-love this, though I prefer an August name on a boy.

I prefer this as a double barrel sexy. Mary Augusta…just gorgeous. I never compared this to like Bertha or Agatha. I adore Gertie. Ilse-very pretty Johanna-one of my favorites, I love the pron.

I love this porn snapchats to follow the nickname Jo-Jo. It reminds me of the author of Heidi, very nice. Olga-I actually love this. I really disliked it until recently, I met a little 5 year old name Olga, and she was so cute, and it totally fit her. Roswitha-very pretty, but I prefer just Rosemary. Ulrika-this is not something I would use, but I like it. Wilhelmina-LOVE this one. I really like Willa, and adore Mina. I prefer Wilhelm on a boy though. I think that German and French names are delightfully clashy.

A good clashy, if you know what I mean. Peropero seduction games Elise, say.


Katharina is my favorite spelling of the name. The H adds a richness. I feel like we have very similar taste!

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