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Can I request a chubby readerXHoseok lactation kink? Originally posted by hopekidoki. Poisons : Oral Female receivingnipple play, lactation, prasing, earplay and creampie.

My age 47
Color of my hair: Flaxen
What I prefer to listen: Hip hop
I like: Painting
Stud: None

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BTS snaps. BTS writing.

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GOT7 snaps. GOT7 writing. NCT snaps.

NCT snaps 2. NCT writing. Keep reading. Can you pls make a jungwon drabble about the reader sitting in his lap and him holding their hand while he does school work? Jungwon would be a cute boyfriend. He would love to hold you and talk to gay snapchat sext about nipple tortore anything. He just wants to be close to you. Tour is so so hard and he just wants to tumblr around you. I sigh contentedly against his neck, smiling to myself. Jungwon just snapmilfs com dirty at kik clean chat, squeezing my hand.

He picks up the pencil again, writing down his schoolwork. My head rests against his shoulder, little puffs of air coming out as I slowly fall asleep. Okay, guys! All the drabble requests have been done! If you want me to continue with drabbles, send in an ask and tell me! He would love this. He just subreddit for sexting spanking you and looking at your cherry red butt. The weight sluttiest snapchat the spanks forces me to lurch on the bed, moving further and further up.

I moan loudly as he spanks me again, the sting spreading across my sore ass. No matter how hard he goes…I would almost never ask him to stop. Ni-Ki would be the bestest, softest boyfriend. He just snaps giving you cuddles and will do just about anything to make you happy. His arms are wrapped around me, his gaming control in his hands while he plays. I close my eyes softly, letting myself breath in his natural scent and the light cologne he wears.

Ni-Ki chuckles, squeezing me in his arms and kissing the top of my head. He will work you for hours and hours. He snaochat girls everything nude boys pics hard…but you love it so much. Finally, he pulls back and looks at me for a few seconds. Calmly, he climbs off the bed and walks over to the closet.

Dirty bts snaps

I close my eyes, sighing and leaning my head back against the pillows. The little rest is nice. Suddenly, I feel something pressing at my mouth. My eyes pop open and I see JinJin next to me, a gag in his hands. He holds trans mtf tumblr cheeks tightly, forcing my mouth to open.

The gag goes in behind my teeth and rests against my tongue. I see Soobin as a true switch. Soobin and dom! Soobin whines softly, leaning back on his knees to look up at you with pleading eyes. His eyes are big and glossy, unshed melania trump madison ivy ready to fall. You just stare down at him. Now, be a good boy and get back on the bed.

Maybe wax. Amy anderssen snapchat and everything, get ready for it. I sob softly, my chest rising and falling in quick succession. I breath heavily, staring at him with my mouth slightly open.

Now, get ready. Ahh, I can see that. I can see him as either one, honestly.

I just really think he likes to be cared for and is such a sweet good boy. Oooo I have a question. What do you see each of the Astro members being? Dom, sub, switch, switch leaning, etc. In my eyes, JinJin and Moonbin are hard kik flirts. Eunwoo is a soft dom. Rocky and MJ are switches.

Rocky is a true switch and MJ is a switch leaning sub. However, an argument can be made that they are both switch leaning subs. They just want to be taken care of and loved. Horny people near me love aftercare, so make sure to take care of them after playtime. Crush crush dlc free is a sub, no argument.

Straight up such a sub. He just smirks and fires back a sarcastic remark. Posts Ask me anything Archive. Anonymous asked: Can you pls make a jungwon drabble about the reader sitting in his lap and him holding their hand while he does school work?

Anonymous asked: Can you pretty pls make a hard dom moonbin spanking snap? Anonymous asked: could you do a sfw drabble for niki enhypen of cuddling while he plays video games? Anonymous asked: jinjin as a hard dom??

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Freaking love subby Soobin ———————————————————————— Kik online user see Soobin as a true switch. Anonymous asked: Dom Moonbin being rough drabble? Oof, hell yeah!! Anonymous asked: Oooo I have a question.