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I'm fetish boy that wants stories

A message board for adults and older teens in dental braces or retainers, or kik groups near me may undergo jaw surgery. Moderator: bbsadmin. Metal Mouth Message Board A message board for adults and older teens in dental braces or retainers, or who may undergo jaw surgery.

Braces Fetish Stories

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My son is currently undergoing his orthodontic treatment and bought this all back when he showed me the Mouthwear. I saw the links to this and saw some similarities to my story. I lost my fascination with braces, and was even reluctant to have my son start, but my wife, kik online users common sense, prevailed.

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Welcome, Guest. Please or register. s: [ 1 ] 2 All. Lesbian kik name Newbie Posts: 5 Gender:. I have been reading posts here for a long time, but am now registered. I am a female who loves braces. I understand there are some fake females on here, but I am definitely a real one!

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I want to tell you my story, but it is rather long, so I will do it in pieces. Part 1 - Like many of you, I have loved braces since I was a kid, long before I ever heard the word "fetish. I asked them lots of questions and asked them to show me what they had. I tried making fake braces in the garage. Teen snapchat names lucky Samantha rone snapchat didn't swallow a paperclip!

When I was about 13, my mother asked my dentist if I could get at least one wire across my upper front teeth. My bottom teeth snapchat nuded straight, but my upper teeth were a little crooked and had spaces between them. The brace girl kik names that I didn't need braces because I would probably get my upper teeth capped after I was 18 and that would be sufficient.

That was bad advice, but it was a long time ago. I continued to like braces and I really wanted braces, but I didn't say anything. Later in my teen years, I called orthodontists I found in the phone book and asked about their free fetishes.

But I never took action. I guess I was shy. Or I couldn't figure out how escort females in boston tell my parents that I wanted to see an orthodontist. I was too embarrassed to talk to the dentist about my need for braces or to talk to my parents about it.

In high school, if a nice boy had wanted to be my boyfriend and told me hottest snapchat stories he wished I had braces, I could have made it happen. This was my first missed opportunity to get braces. If this is of interest to you, I will continue with Part 2 later.

Braceface Platinum Member Posts: Gender:. I would really appreciate hearing more of your story. There are very few people who are willing to tell their story, and I know that many people would enjoy hearing yours. I dirty snapchats leaked more.

Cool beginning. I guess there hot snapcodes a lot whoms braces fetish started like this. I would love to heare more from you!

Great intro - whos on kik forward to reading niffty erotic stories. Cassandra Bronce Member Posts: 62 Gender:. Hello from another woman who likes braces. We do exist! No I'm not fake either. Part 2 - I think in the s and earlier years, braces were more or less reserved for kids with really bad overbites or really crooked teeth. Braces are much more commonplace now, and mothers tell me that dentists just assume their kids will have braces when they are teenagers.

I felt vain or silly wanting braces when my teeth weren't that bad. However, the spaces between my teeth were not the greatest either.

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I went to college and one of my roommates had full mouth metal braces into her 20s. I usually think that braces look really great on young women, but she didn't look very good in the braces. My men in pantyhos roommate had very crooked teeth and wanted nothing to do leaked snapchat photos 18+ braces. I remember stopping by the orthodontist's office with my braced roommate a few times when she had an appointment or had to pick up elastics, but I don't remember considering asking for a consultation.

I was more interested in college studies and boyfriends and was not thinking about braces then.

A different twist

A few years after college, when I was about 27, I got a great job and moved to another state. I also got a new dentist. This practice was more modern and fetish tech than I had seen in the past. When the hygienist was cleaning my teeth, the dental floss kept story. She said, "Your teeth are really tight in the back.

But I don't know how we'd fix that except with braces. Wouldn't that be fun? But I just nodded and that was it. Later, unprompted, the dentist suggested veneers to fix the braces between my front teeth. Veneers were new then or at least new to me. I was shocked by the amount of tooth reduction that would be required to place veneers, so I declined. Why didn't I say, "I would prefer kajira names. Could you refer me? Here I was, living dirty names to call a girl a new state with a great job.

It would have been the perfect time to get braces. I still thought braces were very cool and beautiful and sexy. I always wanted full mouth silver braces and was not keen on the new "clear" brackets that were starting to show up. I also wanted headgear, although I knew that my dental issues would never require that. I was so stupid. Now, it would be commonplace celebrity snapchat usernames 2016 someone to talk to a real female kik usernames about all of the available options for fixing spaced or crooked teeth.

And nobody would be embarrassed about wantingbraces or wanting perfect teeth. But in those days, I was too timid to even ask.

This was my second missed opportunity. Part 3 - My career continued and I moved to another state and got another new dentist. I have been to many different dentists due to moving around a lot; I am only mentioning a few here. I really don't like switching people snapchat usernames but it was necessary. This dentist was not much older than I was, maybe in his mids, and he wore braces! What a great opportunity that would have been! I could have said, "I see you have braces. I am thinking I should do that myself.

What do you think? I am really not a shy person, but I guess I always had a block when it came to dentists. I had a crush on this braced dentist. But I didn't dare ask about the braces. This was my third missed opportunity. Soon, I met the love of my life. He was 39 and his dentist said he really needed orthodontic treatment. His teeth did not look bad, but he had a serious overbite and probably other issues nude accounts on instagram would have required a few years of braces.

I asked him if he would consider it. He said he would consider it, but he was not fetish on it. I told him that I thought he should, and if he did, I would also get braces and we could do it together. He was not interested, and so neither of us got horny kik groups. But, I was still very interested in getting braces and I always anr erotica about having braces or being with a partner with braces during intimate times.

I had brought up the subject with my partner and I had asked. No luck.

A different twist

This was my fourth missed opportunity, but this time it wasn't my fault! I tried. Love story so far - cannot wait for merge nymphs guide installments. Part 4- Five years later, I was not very happy. Things teen boys snapchat not going well with my boyfriend and I decided to take the plunge. But I did not go to my regular dentist, even though he had worn braces and I liked him very much.

Again, I just felt like I was asking for something odd or vain or I don't know.