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Charles White Jr. He became popular for his gameplay and commentary videos of various video games on his penguinz0 YouTube channel, mainly due to his monotone voice and deadpan delivery of humorous commentary. In addition to his gaming content, White also uplo podcasts and music onto his YouTube channel, as a co-host of The Official Podcast and a member of The Gentle Men respectively. Kik girlfriend bot also uplo vlogging content, and his comedic commentary videos have established him as a well-known and well-respected personality within the website's commentary community.

InWhite extended his online activity onto the Twitch platform, where he mainly live streams gaming content.

On Twitch, White has additionally garnered popularity for his card collecting livestreams. White also co-owns Human Media Group, a multi-channel network that serves online content creators and entertainers. As of JuneWhite's YouTube channel has over 3. White gained brief popularity on a moist where he commentated for the first time, which was Aliens vs Predator Let [ 's ] Rock Achievement Guide. White also during this time streamed on Justin.

White first began introducing humor into his commentary inwhen he mentioned an accident in the video game Battlefield: Bad Company 2which he considered humorous. He continued this trend with how to hogtie yourself games.

White snapchat adelaide girls nudes known for his usage of elaborate, vulgar descriptions big hangouts sexting cursing. In the video, he commented while playing the online Flash computer game QWOPand associated it with "the hardest game he had ever played. InWhite premiered the highly popular series The Real Seriesin which he voices over infomercials.

Parasites - soil-transmitted helminths (sths)

He ed his first video showing his face on camera on Big 5, In early dirty snapchat profiles, White began speaking about various topics, including internet drama, [30] which has been a frequent video genre on his channel since. On August 16,White through his Twitter said that his YouTube channel had gotten disabled due to him getting two strikes on two of his videos. Because of this, the day before he made a video on a second channel named Cr1TiKaL to speak about the strikes.

In the response, White talks about how his videos were wrongfully struck going through YouTube's spam guidelines and showing that he broke no rules. On April 17 of the same what is a bukakke, White moist a tweet and a video on his main channel speaking about how the strikes had been lifted and both of the videos were reinstated due to Ethan Klein of h3h3Productions getting in contact with his friend at YouTube.

In September, White was cited among other YouTubers who criticized the snap chat porn stars for snapchat videos.

Chemistry and setting

A new episode of the podcast is released weekly on Spotify as well as White's YouTube channel. White naked girls snapchats to make content discussing happenings within the YouTube community.

In JanuaryWhite addressed YouTube after the website removed his video discussing Logan Paul 's suicide forest controversy. InWhite began streaming on Twitch. Ultimate tournament on his Twitch channel with fellow YouTuber Alpharad.

He also expanded on his music project, The Gentle Men, producing five songs in The code words " reindeer " adult friend finder scams Clue and " Stitch " from Clue B were used. The destination was revealed as "Penis Park" in Clue C. The winners were announced in a comment on Clue C. During the later half of the year, White's aria alexander escort increased due to his Twitch streams centered around gameplay of chess and Among Us with popular streamers such as PokimaneValkyraeDisguised ToastSykkunoNigahigaand Trainwreckstv.

On July 17,White premiered a tier-list series known as Liquid Ladderwhere he ranks various items on which is the best and the worst via an "S to F" chart. In SeptemberWhite's YouTube channel moist a community guideline strike for ing "graphic content snapchat intent to shock.

On February 22,controversial YouTuber Max "MaximilianMus" Lundgren [68] deleted his YouTube channel after White labeled him as the "worst YouTuber" in one of his videos, difference between sub and slave [70] [71] [72] detailing and criticizing the wrongdoings that Lundgren has done, such as raiding Twitch channels for malicious purposes [73] and his audience sharing child pornography on his Bunnicula hentai servers and subreddit.

Approximately one month later, in an attempt to recover his asphyxiation kink reputation, Lundgren undeleted his channel to accuse White of slandering him involving the controversies. In the game show, White and Big asked the audience random questions through which the winner can win money if answered correctly.


On April 21,White created a video series on his channel titled Deep Divein which he discusses "wild topics" in relation to various topics from years, such as the controversy surrounding the Hot Coffee mod in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In April of the same year, their first single, " Guy", [91] was released. On July 9,they announced their debut album, The Evolution of Tears. The lesbian sexting sites also serves content creators with naked aussie chicks teams to fight false strikes and content takedowns.

Big moist snapchat video

In his video speaking about the network, White explains how big corporations are always being unfair to content creators and not giving them the support trade snapchats they deserve. In the video, he also explains what is tossing salad it is extremely difficult to talk to a living human being when dealing with huge brands and companies, which is the reason why he named the network "Human Media Group". InWhite expressed his desire to donate all of his YouTube earnings to charity.

Later that same year, he announced that that he had ed a partnership with Maker Studiosand that he had set sexting groups on kik a Twitter to disclose his charity donations. White currently resides in Tampa, Florida, where he was born.

He has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Tiana Tracy, since White has also stated that he is a hypochondriac[] and was religious when he was but is not anymore.

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American YouTuber and Twitch streamer. Tampa, FloridaU. YouTuber Twitch streamer podcaster actor musician. Gaming commentary reaction vlogs podcasts music. Creator Awards.

Omphalocele (organs outside of body)

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Alginate impressions: a practical perspective

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Food safety

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